October 10, 2012

How soon the flame of love can die, 

How soon 'Good night' becomes 'Good-bye'

You're gone now and life goes on now

And everything seems out of truth.

The time can bring a change of heart

And love can make another start

Some day you may come back to me

To stay, but who can say how soon ...

How soon the flame of love can die ... 

Sung by a worker over images of the city in A Working-men's Club in Sheffield (Peter Nestler, 1965).

[A 26-film retrospective of Peter Nestler -- whose films are shamefully unknown in the English-speaking world and the world of cinema at large -- will commence November 9th, 2012, in London. Organized by Ricardo Matos Cabo and the Goethe-Institut London. Please see here for more information on the program and Nestler's films.]

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Matthew Flanagan said...

Have you noticed this, Andy? Just been pointed to it by this article. Looks like a major event in DVD publishing, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else... Also, for the English-speaking world, A Working Men’s Club in Sheffield crops up on this DVD set too.