November 21, 2007



shahn said...

where's THAT?

Zach Campbell said...

Ah, fantastic, thanks Andy! An honor to get a shout out today (coincidentally, my girlfriend's birthday, 11/21), regarding a filmmaker I adore.

Strange thing: I am visiting my parents for the holiday and was rummaging through a box of old videos I've kept in one of their closets--I now feel compelled to watch one of the De Toths I've come across (Thunder Over the Plains, my favorite Day of the Outlaw, or maybe Man in the Saddle which I haven't watched yet). Cheers, comrade.

Andy Rector said...

That's a discreet tombstone at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, which houses the american Cinematheque. It's one of the best things they've done. De Toth would often hang around that theater when he was alive, in a wheelchair.
Zach- your and Gabe's dedication to De Toth always moved me, though I could never fully get behind a majority of his films...Thus the picture, for you.

Have a nice holiday, we'll talk soon comrade.

Anonymous said...
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