May 1, 2021

may night



                            But after all, resistance is not liberty, 
           it's more the defense of liberty.

" tries invariably to revive in people 
this incessant thirst for ideal states 
which precede the division in classes."
S.M. Eisenstein

No such luxury when it's a who banker says

Wonderful, convivial facts: but said by whom and why? So a banker is filmed. Or rather, a man (a friend) in the garb of a banker of Caesar's day. And not in Caesar's day, but the day you filmed. And on that day, the flowers on the property too. And not a banker's words, but those found and constructed by Brecht (a friend), who studied the bankers of yesteryear and today, to be clear. And not words but speech, fragmented in such a way as to hear it new. "And the man speaking is slowly being burned by the sun—not spotlights—his lips cracking, his skin reddening. His voice, his rhythm, the way it carries, all subjected to the rivalry of the wind." And the flowers behind, on the property, mix with the anger of one coming to consciousness. 

And property is dissolved by the work of this tiny crew.


Huillet: Art is a fragile thing, very fragile. There was an orchestra in Dresden. We didn't hear it so often because the Wall was still up and our radio stations very seldom played music performed by the people of Eastern Europe. Since then, there's been an avalanche of Tchaikovsky and others, of recordings made in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Russia, etc. When we heard the musicians of the Dresden orchestra play Beethoven, Brahms, or Mozart, we said to ourselves: "There's something here that would be unthinkable in the best American orchestras, something right in our ears, that is, one feels these are people for whom time is not money, whereas in the best American orchestra, one always feels behind it time is money, time is money.

Straub: It's a perfect science, this hypercharge (survoltage). It is not the result of patience.

Huillet: This way of making music is disappearing, because as people's living conditions change, the artistic result also changes. And as for them, there wasn't any resistance, precisely. It was something that just came from their way of life. While to get the same thing now, they would have to start resisting, and it wouldn't necessarily be the same.




Nicht versöhnt
Not Reconciled
"Non-reconciliation is also a way of making films, of fabricating them...."

And if the great thunder rolls
Over the pack of curs and hangmen
For us, the sun will forever
Shine on with its fiery beams
The time draws near for the worldwide revolt against the yoke of capitalism

Kino-Pravda no. 22


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