March 15, 2009

percentage of survival (1)

"the gold tooth paid for the funeral no doubt"


without a pot to piss in

increasingly sanctifying numbers in prison

worked 9 days

last week


coming and going is
no laughing matter



Andy Rector said...

--"the gold tooth...": Alfredo in THE RABBIT HUNTERS (Pedro Costa), 2007.

-- chaplin street graphic pasted on sealed enterance at Sunset blvd. and Gardner st. in Los Angeles.

-- Chaplin, 1917, color autochrome photo.

-- "Numbers sanctify", from MONSIEUR VERDOUX

-- João César Monteiro in AS BODAS DE DEUS, 1999

-- Chaplin and Keystone Cop cartoon - Appeared on the cover of Cahiers du cinéma no. 262-63,, 1976

-- the jury/congregation of THE PILGRIM (Chaplin) 1923.

-- 'Jerome Littlefield' (Jerry Lewis) suffering from 'neurotic identification empathy'. DISORDERLY ORDERLY (Tashlin), 1964.

-- 'Worked 9 days altogether last week' -from service worker 'Stanley Belt' (Lewis)in THE PATSY (Lewis), 1964.

-- THE PILGRIM (Chaplin) 1923.

-- VAI E VEM ('Come and go', Monteiro), 2003.

-- UN CHIEN ANDALOU (Luis Buñuel), 1929

-- Young man tags LA MTA bus on which Mayor Villaraigosa was having a photo-op in South Los Angeles, 2008. LA TIMES.

Anonymous said...

Andy, a very eloquent collage, but you failed to mention, just before
"coming and going is no laughing matter", Murnau's "Nosferatu".