September 19, 2006

Several links for more background on recent Straub/Huillet:

--2 beautiful dossiers from NEW FILMKRITIK on QUEI LORO INCONTRI, in German. Includes material on Pavese, Costa, Jean-Marie's "Testament" which he recited to a crowd at the Viennale '04 (a passage from Hölderlin's Der Tod des Empodokles), DALLA NUBE ALLA RESISTENZA...
another HERE.
and HERE.

--Libération's report on the Straubs and Venice by Olivier Seguret, in French. It begins "Vive Lenin! It is Jean-Marie Straub who inspires this heartfelt cry to us."

--Essay on QUEI LORO INCONTRI by Carlos Adriano, in Portugeuse.,1.shl

--A profile of a documentary film on Straub/Huillet's staging of QUEI LORO INCONTRI, at the Teatro Francesco di Bartolo in Tuscany, May 2005.



Zach Campbell said...

For readers' edification--it's not recent S/H, but one can find Barton Byg's book Landscapes of Resistance online here.

I've only seen a few of the Straubs' films--I wish that retrospective that came to New York a few years ago were to return.

Anonymous said...

yo pinches - great review!