December 11, 2006

ain't supposed to die a natural death

Salvador Allende (1971): "We are fully aware that the educated people brought up in this society have nothing in common with what we call 'the new man'. Bourgeois ideology is dominant in our society as it stands, but it is quite clear that what we call 'the new man' will emerge to become the citizen of the new society. Our task now is to make a major effort in the field of education in order to awake interest in forming a new society in the consciousness of the masses, and presenting the image of the members of this new society, 'the new men'. Now the vanguard contains revolutionaries who are determined to behave as such, and it is clear that they are laying the foundations from which 'the new man' will emerge. I do not, therefore, consider it Utopian to talk in these terms, although it would indeed be if we were to imagine that this man was going to live in our society as it is at the moment."
Pinochet, you were an old man and an "old man". An old man that only a decrepit old society could allow to die a natural death. May you rot in hell. And may the society that failed to rip these uniforms to shreds find its way to the door. It needs some help finding the door.

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