February 10, 2007

"The contemporary world has lost the secret of the ancients. Recall the well-known serenity of antique statuary. Our smile is forced. We look for complictations."
(25 December 1963, J.-L. Godard)


Anonymous said...

Fritz Lang, in Contempt (JLG, 1963):

Furchtlos bleibt aber, so er es muss der Mann
Einsam vor Gott, es schuzet die Einfalt ihn
Und keiner Waffen brauchts und keiner
Listen, so lange, bis Gottes Fehl hilft.


ce ne'est plus la présence du Dieu, c'est l'absence de Dieu qui rassure l'homme.

Andy Rector said...

Bia: If you had known humans, you'd understand. They're poor worms, but everything with them is unexpected and a discovery. One can know the beast, one can know the god, but no one, not even we, know the depths of their hearts. There are even, among them, some who pit themselves against destiny. Only by living with them and for them does one savor the taste of the world.


Kratos: But does Zeus accost them as beast or as god?

Bia: Silly, he accosts them as human. That's the point.

(from Those Encounters of Theirs, Huillet/Straub, 2006)


(Lang in Contempt)

Anonymous said...

Surely, La Punition is Jean Rouch's most difficult film to see. It is one of the few I have never succeeded so far.
Congratulations on your blog,
Miguel Marías

Andy Rector said...

This French Rouch dvd boxset, if it keeps its promise, will help us to see LA PUNITION. warm thanks for reading and for your comment, Miguel. I'm a great admirer of your work.