March 20, 2007

"It is unimaginable, at present, for a young person who wants to make a short film to go to a producer and say: 'alright sir, I don't know what to make, I don't know what cinema is but I want to make a film.' Any responsible filmmaker must say that, it is the truth. "
-- Pedro Costa


Andy Rector said...

-home movie, corner of Franklin Avenue and Garfield Place, Hollywood, California, 2006.

-MOMA On Wheels (Ernie Gehr, 2002)

-The Unchanging Sea (Griffith, 1910)

-Six fois deux/Sur et sous la communication (Godard/Miéville, 1976)

-Dragnet Girl (Ozu, 1933)

-Toni (Renoir, 1935)

-The Apple (Makhmalbaf, 1997)

-Journal d'un curé de campagne (Bresson, 1951)

-Artists and Models (Frank Tashlin, 1955)

-Gun Crazy (Joseph H. Lewis, 1950)

-White Dog (Sam Fuller, 1982)

-still of Boris Kaufman, cameraman, working for Dziga Vertov.

-still of Francois Musy's sound set up (possibly in the woods of -Notre musique, Godard, 2004)

-still of Roberto Rossellini in India for -India Matri Bhumi, 1958 - filming Raimu the monkey for the sequence "Dulip the monkey".

Anonymous said...

"Home movie": isn't that the answer (part of it?)? Home movies against the machine.