February 13, 2008

Today, dias felizes reminds us that JUVENTUDE EM MARCHA (Pedro Costa, 2006), known to us in the States as COLOSSAL YOUTH, will now be known to many more as EN AVANT, JEUNESSE! by its release, at last, in France, February 13th 2008. The delay of the film's release was not willed by the makers of the film. There were problems with the initial distributor.

Kino Slang will soon follow up on this story as reports of the the film's current reception come over the wire.

Let's be optimistic for a moment, and hope indeed that this succession of titles, unintentionally a progression, but beautiful, is taken as a directive: Youth on the march. Colossal youth. Forward, youth!

The film is playing in French theaters, not in the Museum. The cinema is in the cinema. dias felizes has also linked to a terrific text precisely on the question of how and if, from Costa's point of view, it could be anywhere else.

It is a roundtable with writer and Witt de With Centre for Contemporary Art director/curator Catherine David, writer/Museum director/curator Chris Dercon, and Pedro Costa. Now, museums and acadamies often purport to be public, radical places, but no one shifts and leaves works/texts/events behind without a trace as quickly as them, unfortunately. They are untrustworthy in this regard....I recommend saving or printing the text of this roundtable if you are interested in referring to it in the future. Here it is:

*As predicted, the above link died, probably at the same time a low-paid intern or staff member was let go. However, here updating in 2019, a new link is found:


HarryTuttle said...

the sad thing is that in spite of the long delayed anticipation, only 3 screens accepted to project this precious film, and they are all in Paris. Hopefully it will tour around France later.
The film was already shown on public French TV last year though.

Anonymous said...

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