October 1, 2008


Andy Rector said...

Ballots or Bullets??

still: Nadine Ballot with "unknown..." - LA PUNITION (Jean Rouch, 1962)

Ballot was also in Rouch's LA PYRAMIDE HUMAINE (1961), as "Nadine", and Rouch's segment of PARIS VU PAR: GARE DU NORD (1965).

Daniel said...

Is there anyway a non-academic can get access to that article?

Andy Rector said...

There are ways...anyone interested: contact me.


Ted Fendt said...

I was able to just download the pdf document on the right side of the page even though I'm not a member.

Anonymous said...

What ever became of Nadine Ballot? Is she still living? I never saw her in any films after 1965.