April 13, 2010

Charles Burnett: "Well, I think it’s being aware of (children), and also respecting them. There was an incident I remember where I was trying to tell this little girl how to drink this water and come over to her father. So I’m telling her, I sort of bent down to her level, took the water, 'walk like this,' sort of crouching down at her level. Then when I said action she did exactly what I did, she crouched down and walked over to her father. I said 'no no no', and I get down on her level again, did the same thing, and she did the same thing. I didn’t realize she was imitating me crouching down. I was just trying to get down to her level. So I realized it was my mistake and I stood up and said 'this is what you do.' So from that moment on I learned you can talk to kids like they’re adults and they understand perfectly what you’re talking about."

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