May 1, 2010

May Day

Commemorating the birthday of Danièle Huillet, who would've been 74 today, a photograph by Caroline Champetier of a dog (unknown!), JM Straub, Willy Lubtchansky and Huillet during the shooting of the French part of TOO EARLY, TOO LATE (1981); and another by Sebastian Schadhauser of Renato Berta, Straub and Huillet shooting GESCHICHTSUNTERRICHT (HISTORY LESSONS, 1972).


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by McLaglen and Jack Pennick's presence.
Miguel Marías

Anonymous said...

Glad you remembered Danièle's birth date.
Miguel Marías

Andy Rector said...

Thanks Miguel.

As an explanation for McLaglen and Pennick, I can only say that they are 'men without women' in the picture, reporting for duty (Fort Apache) - and that's how I feel in the absence of Huillet. It's a sentimental post!

I wanted to pick a frame from a film that Huillet liked; the Ford boys McLaglen and Pennick are enough to cover a lot of Ford -- they're our familiar refrains -- and I believe it was Huillet who selected and re-viewed so many of the Ford films chosen by them at Viennale in '04. I've heard third-hand that she very much liked Godard's ELOGE DE L'AMOUR, and even wondered why the French critics weren't tackling the film seriously and in depth. Being that that's third-hand anecdote, I didn't venture to include an image of it. But doesn't the "corrective" character of Cecile in ELOGE remind one of Huillet a bit?

That said, regarding films that moved her, telling from the interviews, there are very few film titles that she felt the need to reference (instead I think of her remark "Cinephilia is a lack of ambition."). I don't know what films moved her the most, and realize that it doesn't matter. Life and reality are what move and matter and so I end the post with the image that's there, from reality, from my own life and surroundings.

craig keller. said...

La dernière image est très très belle.