June 6, 2011

(You wanna start something?)

(Did you ever see a film that you admired, which you considered to be...)


(on an unconverted audience...)

(...a film that you admire which defended a cause implicitly or explicitly?)

(Oh boy, now you get to a real problem!)

(Maybe film can't do this,)

(down in the street.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you name the movies?

sam said...

another vote for the naming of the movies

Andy Rector said...

Apologies for not doing it initially:

-Bresson speaking about MOUCHETTE from a tv program I don't know the name of. it's on youtube

-Serge Daney in ITINERAIRE DE CINE-FILS, viewable with subtitles here (http://vimeo.com/19821502), and complete transcript in english here (http://sergedaney.blogspot.com/2011/02/journey-of-cine-son-part-1-with.html)

-production still of Mizoguchi and crew on UGETSU

-Godard: MORCEAUX DE CONVERSATIONS AVEC JEAN-LUC GODARD directed by Alain Fleischer (2007), which includes the following shots of the installation (Godard's at Pompidou, VOYAGE(S) EN UTOPIE 1946-2006) with the bedroom set.

-Shirley Clarke (and Rivette) in ROME IS BURNING by Andre Labarthe

-beginning with the swimmers: an RTF report on João César Monteiro upon the release of A COMDEIA DE DEUS

-inbetween the Monteiro stills, CRUCIFIED LOVERS by Mizoguchi

-Bresson on MOUCHETTE on youtube again


Leo said...


Sean said...

Do you know where I can see the João César Monteiro interview?

Andy Rector said...

The Monteiro interview can be found on the A Comédia de Deus dvd, in the edition referred to