June 16, 2012


Andy Rector said...

1 - Native American, Miwok, demonstrating cat's cradle: "Girl Baby" and "Bark House". (Thank you, Joana Cunha Ferreira)

2 - Girl at a Flatbed, 2012, personal collection.

3 - Peter Lorre in "No. 5 Checked Out" (Ida Lupino, 1956, from program Screen Directors Playhouse)

4- NANA (Val Massadian, 2011)

5- WANDA (Barbara Loden, 1970)

Zach Campbell said...

That style of afghan blanket seems to be a marker of working class existence - one like it also appears on the living room couch in the sitcom Roseanne. And it's the sort of prop that one can recognize from one's own life - if not one's own home, a neighbor's or relative's. More recognizable than (say) a folding chair or cheap ashtray but less status-oriented than an Eames design.

sally beth said...

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