January 1, 2013

A friend sends me the following, under the heading "VERTIGO news" —

From a December 19, 2012 story on Catholic World News.  (124 Comments)

California bishop to apologize to Native American tribe Winter solstice event

From tribe website

Bishop Richard Garcia of Monterey will travel to the historic Old Mission San Juan Bautista on December 22 to offer a Mass of reconciliation and apologize to members of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of the Ohlone people.

According to the tribal band’s web site, Spanish colonists enslaved members of the tribe at the mission between 1797 and 1834.

Bishop Garcia
Bishop Garcia

“The Tribe wishes to express our thanks to Bishop Garcia for offering apologies from the Church and for this Mass of Reconciliation. Events for the day include:  

  10:15 am, Fire Starting Ceremony;  
  11:30 am, Traditional Dance of the Mutsun Tribe;  
  1:00 pm, Mass of Reconciliation.     

     A meal of acorn, deer & elk will be shared at 2:30 pm with Bishop Garcia, priests from the Monterey Diocese, Tribal citizens, invited Elders from other tribes, friends & partners.”

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