March 4, 2013

22 jan '41

we see the film of STEINBECK'S GRAPES OF WRATH. you can still see that it must be a great book, and the entrepreneurs probably did not want to 'take all the strength out of it'. so they stew the subject in tears till it is tender. where 'suggestive acting' does not predominate, there are powerful effects. (tractors as the farmers' tanks, the camp of the fascist blacklegs, the car journey right across the states in search of work, the old farmer's funeral). the whole thing is an interesting mixture of the documentary and the private, the epic and the drrramatic, the informative and the sentimental, the realistic and the symbolic, the materialistic and the idealistic. 


 "Bert.... Look. Truck drivers."

"There she is folks: 'The land of milk and honey'."



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Andy Rector said...

Bertolt Brecht journal entry from Arbeitsjournal, 1934-1955.
See also Hollywood Elegies.