June 5, 2013


Andy Rector said...

FILM SOCIALISME (2010, Godard)

josé neves said...

i really like your space and please don't find me pretentious, but i see some similarities with mine. How long was you stay here in Lisbon,with Mubarak,for that Peter Nestler session in Cinemateca? And our encounter in that old ladies cafe? That cafe, like everything else, was sold to some narrow minded bourgeois, just some christians without "patine".


josé neves

Andy Rector said...

Thank you José-
That was 2009. 1 week in Lisbon. I haven't returned since. Lack of money. (No invites.)

The nun's tea house, gone?
2 + 2 = -4. God damn the bourgeoisie. And the sick horse they rode in on. May the nun's figurines pierce the tenderest parts of their feet, and give infections!