March 28, 2007

good work

Artavazd Peleshian is "working on the final variant of the scenario" for his new film Homo Sapiens which should begin shooting in late 2007, reports Armenian newspaper Noyan Tapan. Peleshian has had a project by this name planned since 1987 ( an overview of his work can be read here , and a better one in French here ). Above, Peleshian at the Yerevan International Film Festival in November 2006, there to accept a Paradjanov Lifetime Achievement Award.

Adrian Martin also informs me that Hermine Karagheuz (see below post) will be doing performance-readings of texts and poems by Paradjanov at the Magic Cinema Paradjanov retrospective in Bobigny, France this month. Four of Peleshian's film will also be part of the retrospective. Anyone wondering what a retrospective of a filmmaker should consist of should take a look at the program here (open the pdf): all of Paradjanov's films, fourteen documentaries, eight films by filmmakers with "elective affinities" (Dovzhenko, Fellini, Pasolini, Tarkovsky), eight "Armenian Friends", five "Russian and Georgian disciples", and four Paradjanov-influenced films from Iran.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information about Peleshian.
The festival report is here;

When I met him in Yamagata International Film Festival 1995,he talked about the same project.After soon when I met Sokurov,he said "Peleshian always talks about the project"(Sokurov said he was an assistant of Peleshian's "Seasons").

Andy Rector said...

thanks akasaka. this is adding to my feeling that the film will be immense. What was Peleshian like? Was he clear about his work? Which films did you discuss?

Anonymous said...

my interview with him is here(sorry,in japanese.)

I was very impressed with his films. I wish he will make a new film.
He told about his distance-montage,circular movement of visible/invisible world, Godard, Paradjanov, Eisenstein and Dovzhenko…
in 1990s I was very excited by films from Ex-USSR countries because they have a new idea about time.

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