May 22, 2009

percentage of survival (2)

"With every film the director should make it felt that man is a magnificent thing, and in the same moment that he is the curse of the planet."

"The human race I prefer to think of as an underworld of gods. When the gods go slumming they visit the earth. You see, my respect for the human race is not one hundred percent."


Andy Rector said...

--quote 1: J.-M. Straub speaking on the occasion of the release of DER TOD DES EMPEDOKLES, 1987.

--quote 2: Charlie Chaplin, unknown date, in Mack Sennett's memoir King of Comedy: The Lively Arts.

--still: MODERN TIMES (1936, Chaplin)

André Dias said...

Humanity, the skin disease of the Earth, said Nietzsche...