July 12, 2011


accatone said...

Hello - i am not able to comment on the "Landscape Suicide" blog so i came to this place: Where did you get the info on the Mendelsohn/Godard meeting from? I am just curious. Thanks!

Andy Rector said...

The story about Godard possibly adapting Mendelsohn's book was widely reported, The Hollywood Reporter, etc in 2009.

The Mendelsohn/Godard meeting I read about in an interview with M about THE LOST in Le Monde. It was once on the Le Monde website but I've searched it's now gone. However, the relevant passages of that interview are HERE.
I must note that Mendelsohn was saying he trusts Godard with his book (and presumably all that implies) at the same time The Jewish Journal was calling Godard a Holocaust denier!

accatone/axel said...

Yes, i heard about the possible adaption. I think i even read the article you linked to above. It is still quite vague and i thought you might have had further more detailed infos. I really liked the book and to some extend it shares some kind of "fragmentary ideas" with JLGs technique of making films. Obviously the narrative structure of the book (the ending) is way to "concrete/direct" for Godard i think. No need to pull up the antisemite-flag though - it might be autre chose in the US…. Anyway, thanks for getting back on my question!