March 5, 2014

Billy Woodberry's words to the young...

From the closing remarks of a talk given last night by Billy Woodberry after a screening of the great Bless Their Little Hearts (1984):

(Of change,) devise the means, discern the questions. 
There are more means, more avenues for films today but, as James M. Cain said, we can't all be selling hot dogs to each other: you send me a youtube, I send you a youtube...
Diversity lost, imperium triumphed, and the rest withdrew from the fight.
Small circles resist. They encourage and applaud each other, and that is refined. 
Look, the example is there. We can dust it off.
What we're living might look like an apocalypse, but do not relent. That is not your job. You say: the world could be better, and accept nothing less. You go ahead and try on cynicism. But that's not your coat.

The Pocketbook (Woodberry, 1980)

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